Young Women Discern a Religious Vocation

By Sister Therese Maria Touma
Young women are invited to open their hearts to the possibility that God may be choosing them to consecrate their lives to him in service of his Church.  We would like to share some thoughts of two young women who are discerning a vocation to religious life with the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light.
Rachelle (left) and Emily (center).
Emily Sarbela Lattouf, 19, from Norton Massachusetts
“The Lord said, "there is no greater love than this: to lay down ones life for one's friends" John 15:13.  This is the love, which our Lord gave us; there is truly no greater love than his and he calls us as his children to imitate his love for us.
We are all called by The Lord to make sacrifices for one another; to love one another with sacrificial love, but how far are we willing to serve one another in The Lord’s name?
To me the beautiful thing about the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light’s mission is that not only are the sisters called to willingly sacrifice their worldly life in order to better serve the Lord and his people, but also they are called to radiate the Lord’s light to all the people they encounter throughout their daily lives. At the end of each meal the sisters pray, “… we be strengthened to do your holy will and to radiate your light to all those we meet.” What better gift can we give to each other than Christ our Lord?”   

Rachelle Semrani, 22, from Sydney Australia
“I first heard about the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light about 12 months ago. I was immediately attracted to the congregation because they live the Maronite faith and spirituality in the Western culture. I was also joyous at learning that formation is in English as they are a fruit of the Eparchy in the U.S.A.. After visiting their website my attraction toward them grew as I read that their apostolate focuses on pastoral service. What better way is there to demonstrate spiritual motherhood than to work alongside the priests in ministering to the spiritual needs of the children of the Church? Indeed by the very consecration of a woman to Jesus, she becomes a spiritual sacrifice to God for the needs of the Church; and the Maronite Servants go deeper by living the spiritual motherhood in their apostolate. I am blessed to be able to discern religious life with them and am drawn toward their very balanced daily schedule. Let us thank God for blessing the Maronite Church with the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light.”

Is God calling you or perhaps you can suggest the thought of religious life to a young woman in your parish.  Let us pray for vocations.  The Maronite Servants can be reached at sister@maroniteservants.org or 508/996-1753.