Marian Day of Prayer

By Natalie Salameh
The Sodality of the Blessed Mother of St. George Maronite Church attended a Day of Recollection at the Mother of Light Convent on Saturday, October 18th 2014 hosted by the Maronite Servants.  The theme focused Our Lady’s place, role and influence in our Maronite tradition, with emphasis on the rosary.

Mother Marla Marie explained to the ladies that our Maronite tradition has always reserved a special place of honor for the Blessed Virgin. Indeed, all over Lebanon, this prominence given to the Blessed Virgin can be seen in the large number of shrines built in Mary’s honor. The Maronite heart is, after all, a Marian heart.  The Maronite Liturgy has many references to the Blessed Virgin. In the Liturgy, as well as the Divine Office, the commemoration of the Blessed Virgin is frequent.

With a focus on the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, Mother Marla Marie gave the ladies plenty of food for reflection as she took each Mystery and explained its central spiritual themes. This proved to be a beautiful segway into the morning’s Adoration Hour.

Sr. Therese Maria led the ladies in a lectio divina (divine reading) of the scripture passage of the Visitation. We commemorate Our Lady’s visit to her cousin St. Elizabeth soon in our Maronite Liturgical Season of Announcements. Sr. Therese Maria walked the ladies through each of the steps of lectio divina, and encouraged them to meditate on how the passage could apply to their own lives with thought-provoking questions.


Evening Prayer and Supper - Dartmouth

On Sunday, October 12, the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light hosted its monthly Ramsho Prayer and Supper at the Mother of Light Convent joined by several parishioners from our local Maronite and Roman Catholic parishes, and the Daughters of Mary of Nazareth.

The Daughters of Mary of Nazareth are a new congregation of Roman Catholic religious founded in 2011 by Mother Olga Yacob. Responding to an invitation from His Eminence, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Mother Olga began the Daughters, which now consists of three novices and four postulants. May God to bless them as they continue flourish and prosper.

The Maronite Servants, being a newly established Maronite congregation of religious, was able to share similar vocational experiences with the Daughters of Mary of Nazareth.