Come, See and Explore…

I am Therese Touma currently in Boston from Sydney, Australia to discern my vocation with the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light. With God’s help, my six week visit will be to explore, pray and to get to know more about this great mission.

So far my time here with Sister Marla Marie has been positive, prayerful and enjoyable. Our visits to the Maronite parishes have also included a trip to see the famous Lady- the Statue of Liberty. Sr. Marla Marie and I will be visiting some Maronite parishes in New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio, sharing with them this new and exciting mission.

When I first read about the mission of the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light on its website, I was refreshingly taken back. Deep within, I was impressed and thought to myself now this is the “gift” that our Maronite Church has been waiting for and definitely should embrace with open arms.
The charism and spirituality of this mission spoke to me personally. What better inspiration can the Maronite Servants have than in following the example of our Blessed Mother- the Greatest of all Servants. In imitating the humble and faithful response of Our Lady, the sisters are called to offer their spiritual motherhood, talents and service to the Maronite people. What a beautiful and challenging call to service! As my patron, Saint Therese says “everything is a grace”.
When I reflect over the purpose of the Maronite Servants, I see myself alligned with a number of its goals and ideas:
• The ultimate aim to be holy and give Our benevolent God praise in serving the spiritual and corporal needs of our Maronite people
• To return the gift of my life including all my talents, weaknesses and desires back to God in joyful service to his people and at the same time deepening my Eastern rite spirituality and traditions
• To be a humble presence of Christ’s light and assist the priests in radiating the spirit of God’s love
• to live a deep Eucharistic prayer life
I perceive that this community will be a great aid to our Maronite people, particularly to our priests in assisting them to cultivate spirituality into the parishes through the various missions of religious education, the visitation of the sick, elderly, the youth, family and children. I believe in this mission and I pray that it will constantly draw its light and energy from Christ who is the ultimate Light.
I especially pray for all those discerning their vocation to the consecrated life and the priesthood. In particular, I pray for holy vocations and the growth of the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light. May this mission radiate Christ’s awesome love and light! …Why not come and take the time to explore your vocation with the Maronite Servants?