A New Maronite Podcast

By Carrie Fortney

The peace of the Lord be with you! Hello from Roanoke, Virginia, USA -- home of the latest Maronite podcast "The Maronite Daily Readings." If you are unable to attend daily Divine Liturgy, like myself and my husband Roger, or maybe you would like to spend more time in Scripture than you have been, we invite you to join us for the daily Scripture readings from the Maronite Divine Liturgy. All it takes is five minutes. Just click on the "Maronite Liturgy Daily Readings" link on this blog page or go to http://web.mac.com/maronitereadings and click on "Podcast." We incorporate music and beautiful photography from Lebanon and the Middle East with the Scripture readings. We pray this experience will be one of prayerful meditation on God's Word for you.