To Kneel or Not to Kneel

By Carrie Fortney
In a recent discussion with a Roman rite brother in the Lord the topic of kneeling came up. I am always excited and humbled when given the opportunity to share about the Maronite Church, as it is widely unknown to most American Catholics. Aside from living out our faith, I pray that God would provide all of us with organic opportunities to share the beauty of the Maronite Church with others. I know that different cultures have different traditions(with a small "t") with rich and profound meanings and that God draws His people unto Himself through them, so we are on holy ground here.
Back to the kneeling discussion, as many of you reading this may know, Maronite's don't kneel (except on rare occasions). We stand. And this tradition touches me to the very depths of my soul. Maronite's stand, because we are waiting for Jesus' return, and when He returns we are ready to RUN TO HIM! Isn't that beautiful?! Ready to run into the arms of our most loving, forgiving and merciful Lord! Are you ready?