What does it mean to be Maronite Catholic?

By Curtis Taylor
When people see my Maronite Cross, they ask-what does that mean? Is that a telephone pole, a menorah, or a tree? I usually just laugh off the simple question and respond with it’s a cross. It’s my religion. This usually ends up striking up an enlightening conversation with someone about my faith that I am truly happy to oblige to.
To me, being a Maronite Catholic is unlike any other religion in the world. We express our faith in such a beautiful and touching way that it not only spiritually enriches the soul, but it also stimulates the mind and body. When I think about the Maronite Church, I think of the homeland, Lebanon, the youth, the Antonine Sisters, the Maronite Servants, the priests and deacons, our bishops, and how we all desire that strong and passionate, spiritual relationship with God. Being Maronite, we have one of the most beautiful LIturgies you will ever go to, in my opinion. The fluidity and culture, and tradition we Maronites express during our Liturgy gives us a sense of pride in our faith, our homeland, our culture, and our churches.

I have tried, especially now being a college student, to go to other Catholic Churches. I attended a Roman Church which was beautiful and an the Mass was amazing, but in the end, something was missing…it just wasn’t my Maronite Liturgy. I don’t know…I guess what I’m trying to say is nothing compares to my Maronite faith. I know, even through college and the lowest of lows, my faith in my church, The Maronite Catholic Church, Our Lady of Lebanon, and God will always be on my side and will strengthen me to do what is right and acceptable to live a Maronite Catholic life.

Curtis, 18, is attending Marquette University in Milwaukee studying International Business and Arabic. He is from Wadsworth, Ohio and attends Our Lady of the Cedars in Akron. He hopes to attend the Maronite Church in Chicago at least once a month while in school.