Vocation on Ice

Will Franjieh, Julie Lattouf, Sister Marla Marie, Sister Therese Maria, Evette Franjieh.

By Sister Therese Maria Touma

In our congregation’s Typicon (Rule of Life), Chapter 3 article 26 on our life of the vows, it reads:
“…The sisters shall exercise the virtues of humility, prudence and temperance, and use the means necessary to promote health of mind and body which includes daily exercise, recreation, work and rest.”
On Tuesday January 11th, the Maronite Servants went ice skating at Patriot Place in Foxboro with Evette Franjieh, her dad Will Franjieh, and Julie Lattouf (pictured in the photo). These energetic college students are faithful parishioners at St. Theresa’s in Brockton, and have visited our Monastery previously for a retreat. They were great fun and we were blessed with good weather, as we skated under the warm sun, encouraging one another in our skating skills and consoling one another in the falls (thank God not too many of those!).