Dartmouth Renovation Progress Report

Diligent renovations are being carried out at the Mother of the Light monastery in Dartmouth. As we speak, we have electrical work, painting, tiling, landscaping and more being done in our new home to get it ready for our imminent move on June 1st.
We appreciate all the dedicated volunteers and benefactors who have stepped forward and generously donated their valuable time and resources to help with the large renovation expense and various work repairs around the house. A big thank you to you all for your support and prayers! You too are in our daily prayers. If you would like to contribute and help with our renovation expenses please click the "support our mission" link above.

Pictured in the photo collage is Cecilia Romero, who is from the Maronite parish of St. Joseph's in Atlanta, GA. She came for one week to help us with renovations and packing. Also pictured are the painter Samir, the contractor Robert, and Paul one of our volunteers. We are grateful for all their help and thank God for their commitment and goodness to us.