NAM Convention 2011

48th Annual National Maronite Convention

July 6-10, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA

Workshops and Presentation Topics

Thursday 7/7 - 10:00 – 11:30 am
– Back to the Maronite Roots

USEK – University of the Holy Spirit – Kaslik - Lebanon
The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik has been a leader in preserving the Maronite tradition and shaping the Maronite Identity. Being the first Maronite University, the panel will discuss how USEK participates in the liturgical and the musical reform. What USEK is doing to preserve Maronite manuscripts, photos, and archives. In addition, USEK will discuss the project for Maronite inscriptions in Lebanon.

- Discovering Our “Faith of the Mountain”
 Rev. George El-Khalli, Ph.D.

As parents, we are the caretakers of our children’s education; we are entrusted to carry the Church’s teachings into our family life. The “Faith of the Mountain” catechism series, which our churches use for our Maronite Christian Formation classes, has been updated. Please join us to review the materials that guide your children’s religious education through the school year. The series is designed for school-aged children from pre-school through 8th grade. Included in the series are the following topics: the Trinity, the Holy Mysteries, our Church family, the commandments, Maronite liturgy, First Penance and Eucharist, the Bible, the Creed, Church history, and the world’s religions. As parents, grandparents and godparents, we are responsible for the education of the next generation of Maronites.

- Maronite Liturgical Music
Father Geoffrey Abdallah and the Inter-Eparchial Music Commission

The songs that fill our hearts during Divine Liturgy and the poignancy of their words are incredible testaments to the richness of our culture. Come fill your senses with the beauty that is the Maronite Church. You will also be able to experience the first ever compilation of the Inter-Eparchial Music Commission. Come let the poetry that is our music fill your senses and soothe your soul.

– Saints of Lebanon and Our Pursuit of Another Canonization:
The Massabki Brothers
Archbishop Samir Nassar of Damascus, & Mr. Louis Ragy

Our faith has brought forward some very remarkable individuals who have brought miracles to those whose faith does not waiver. This year we celebrate the 1600th Anniversary of Saint Maron. Since the founding of the Church, we have had the honor of having saints live among us, including Saint Sharbel Makhlouf, Saint Nimatullah El-Hardini, and Saint Rafqa Choboq El-Rayes. NAM has taken up the staff to bring the Blessed Massabki Brothers to the level they deserve. Come learn why WE have the responsibility of guaranteeing their canonization.

- Lebanese Language in the 21st Century
Antoine Faddoul, M.S., AIAA

The interactive presentation will give the audience an overview about the Lebanese language, its history, teaching methods and the proposed system for writing it. The presentation will chronicle the linguistic and structural development of modern Lebanese from its ancient Canaanite/Aramaic roots to modern days. The audience will be briefed on the methods developed by the Lebanese Language Institute to provide resources for learning and teaching Lebanese. The presentation will discuss the role of IT in spreading of the Lebanese language and developing the modern Lebanese Latin Letters system [LLL] to make Lebanese a globally accessible language. The interactive component will include implementation of the LLL system in daily life for communication, learning and teaching. Samples exercises as well as a demonstration of an automated verb conjugation program will also be presented

Saturday 7/9 - 2:00 – 3:30 pm
– Making a difference in the Church
“Commission on Lebanon”
Panelist: Jacque Kallasy, & Nehmet Frem

Moderators: Chorbishop Seely Beggiani & Rev. Abdallah Zaidan, MLM
This presentation will help us to understand how we can all contribute in the growth of the Maronite Church on different levels: spiritual, economical, educational and social. Based on personal experiences and great contributions of our speakers, we will learn how we can have an active attitude within the Church, instead of having a merely passive observation. The future of the Church is not only on the hands of priests and bishops, but on the hand of every faithful person. In this workshop, we can learn how everyone of us, despite our weakness, can collaborate in the growth and renovation of our Church.