A Few Highlights of the 48th NAM Convention - Philadelphia

By Sr. Therese Maria Touma

“One of the highlights for me during the week of the Convention was listening to Joumana Moudawar sing live at the concert on Thursday evening. In the lead up to NAM, I was thrilled to hear that Joumana had been invited from Lebanon to perform a selection of hymns, both in Arabic and English. It sure was more than just a performance and a show of her talent; it was prayer, joyful praise to our God and a delight to my heart to hear such beauty! Thank God for her awesome gift of music and generosity in the sharing of her talent.”

“I also enjoyed the informative and engaging conferences I attended throughout the convention. They included the following: ‘Discovering Our Faith of the Mountain’ presented by Fr. George El-Khalli and Deacon Lou Peter, ‘Theology on Tap’ with the Young Adults facilitated by Bishop Gregory Mansour, ‘Maronite Liturgical Music’ given by Fr. Geoffrey Abdallah, ‘Saints of Lebanon & Our Pursuit of Another Canonization: The Massabki Brothers’ given by Archbishop Samir Nassar & Mr. Louis Ragy.”