Qorbono at the Convent in Dartmouth

Abouna Jack Morrison celebrates the Qorbono at Mother of the Light convent.
Refreshments on the front porch followed the Divine Liturgy.

My 2011 summer experiences with the MaroniteServants of Christ the Light
By Evette Franjieh
As my freshman year at Umass Dartmouth came to a close, I found myself helping Sister Marla Marie at the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light’s new convent in N. Dartmouth. I am so blessed to have the Sisters about ten minutes away from my University, so that during the year I can always look to them in mytime of need or stress and share Divine Liturgy in their new home. 
I volunteered to help clean the convent and spend some quality time with Sister Marla Marie and Sister Therese Maria. I write this only a few days after I have visited with the sisters. My first encounter with them in July was a quick visit to the beach for a picnic supper and walk. Sister Marla Marie prepared a quaint picnic for us and Sister Therese Maria shared God’s messages to me during our walk on the beach. It was very enlightening to have the endless water, the serenity of the small beach, and the presence of the Sisters with me.

Because I was attending a summer course in Chemistry, I was not able to attend Sunday Liturgy. My mother so happened to mention this to the Sisters at Sunday Liturgy, at St. Theresa’s parish in Brockton.  Therefore,on Friday, July 29th, I attended the Divine Liturgy at the new convent. It was the first time that the Divine Liturgy was held in the new chapel. After the refreshments, Sister Therese Maria and I dusted and cleaned the sacristy. I enjoyed cleaning and conversing with Sister Therese Maria because it grounded me and offered an air of humility.  Their new home has developed quite nicely since my last visit in May, although, there is a lot of work and time to be had. I know that in time, next year I will seek their guidance and prayer more often and that they will always be there for me.