Open House - Mother of the Light Convent

by Sister Marla Marie
We were pleased to have close to 150 people visit our convent last Sunday for our Open House.  As you can see from the photos, our company was a diverse group of our friends including the Dominican Sisters of Hope who had previously owned the property. 
Our guests were first introduced to our Chapel of Saint Maron, and then they proceeded to the dining room which was set up as a display area featuring photos of before and after the renovations.  Refreshments were served by dedicated volunteers in our sunroom where our friends could sit back and enjoy each other's company.
We invite you to visit us.  Please call and arrange for a visit or a day of retreat. 
The following excerpt written by one of our visitors captures the spirit of many comments we received that day:
Mother of the Light Convent is absolutely lovely. Thank you for your invitation on Sunday to witness the renovations, so well designed.
Our visit to the Chapel was the highlight of our tour. Watching those who were writing their pleas and seeing one young man expressing his sorrows. So very moving.
We felt much peace in our tour of the convent, especially on floor 2. The simplicity of color and décor is where we immediately sensed a peaceful aura where prayer could not be interrupted and one’s mind could not be distracted with worldly goods, only to direct our hearts and mind to our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."