You’re not wanted here!

You’re not wanted here!
The other side of the present Administration’s Anti-Poverty Campaign

By His Excellency, Bishop Gregory J. Mansour,
Eparchy of Saint Maron USA

It is now unfortunately quite clear that from the start of his campaign for President (see his speech at Planned Parenthood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUl99id2SvM ) a major component of the anti-poverty efforts of his Administration is to prevent “unwanted pregnancies.” Part of this effort now employs a fully funded artificial contraception, sterilization and “morning after pill” mandate by the Health and Human Services, even in the face of stiff opposition and the complaints of thousands of women who make the reasonable claim that a contraceptive mentality does not help women, rather it encourages promiscuous male behavior and has clearly unhealthy consequences for women (see www.womenspeakforthemselves.com) and is not true health care.
The other part of the effort is that if artificial contraception, abortion drugs approved by the FDA, and sterilization does not keep away unwanted pregnancies, then abortion must remain legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Down syndrome babies are now aborted nine times out of ten, and sex selection abortions, especially for baby girls, are hardly being noticed in mainstream media, and hardly ever condemned, perhaps because these efforts keep “unwanted pregnancies” out of society.
Although the Administration does deserve some credit for keeping our eye on the poor and the needy, nonetheless, anti-poverty efforts must try to get at the underlying cause of poverty, which in most cases is due to the breakup of the family. Thus, strengthening marriage is one of the greatest protections for the poor. Are we forced to settle for an approach that does not help us in the long run? Artificial contraception, sterilization and abortion are not healthy for women or for society. \
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