MYA Brockton Retreat - Pentecost

Sister Therese Maria teaching on the Holy Spirit and Pentecost at the MYA Retreat on Saturday May 11 at St. Theresa’s Church Brockton, M.A. 

Below is our community’s nine day novena to the Holy Spirit. This prayer is taken from the Pentecost Ramsho Hoosoyo. We pray this the day after the Ascension until Pentecost in preparation for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Novena to the Holy Spirit
And now we beg you, O Holy Spirit,
Spirit of strength, knowledge and fear,
Spirit of wisdom, understanding, compassion and true love:
Sanctify us, body and soul, and we shall be resplendent and spotless sheep.
Heal us of our egotism and enkindle in us the fire of your love;
implant in our spirits the true faith of the apostles;
place within our hearts that good hope and strong consolation
which will raise us above the vanities of this world.
Do not allow us to live with anything that might alienate us from
You and the holiness of your love:
enmity, envy and hatred.
Pour out upon us your gifts, the bearers of life, 
as you did upon the apostles.
Wherever we may be, we shall confidently bear witness by our lives:
in our leisure and our work, in our thoughts and words, 
and by the whole demeanor of our lives through the day and night.
Give us your true life in this world,
And in the world to come we shall glorify you by our deeds,
And praise you with the Father and the Son, 
the life-giving Trinity, forever. Amen.