Merry Christmas from the Maronite Servants

Wishing all a Merry Christmas filled with peace and wonder.
Your Maronite Servants of Christ the Light 
Maronite Servants with our friends
Daily Mary’s Mind Gave Praise
Come, all you who have discernment, let us wonder
at the Virgin Mother, David’s daughter.
Herself most fair, to the Wonderful she gave birth;
she is the spring that provides the Fountain,
she the ship that bears joy from the Father,
that carries good news in her pure womb; she took on board and escorts
the great Steersman of creation
through whom peace reigns
on earth and in heaven.
Come, let us wonder at the Virgin most pure,
wondrous in herself,
unique in creation,
she gave birth, yet knew no man;
her pure soul with wonder was filled,
daily her mind gave praise
in joy at the twofold wonder:
her virginity preserved, her child most dear.
Blessed is He who shone forth from her!
A young dove, she carried
the eagle, the Ancient of days,
singing praise as she carried Him
in her lovely songs:
O my Son most rich, in a tiny nest
you have chosen to grow, melodious harp,
you are silent like a child, please let me sing to you
with the lyre whose cords stir the cherubim;
pray let me speak to you.
your home, my Son, is higher than all,
yet it was your wish to make me your home.
Heaven is too small to contain your splendor,
Yet I poorest of creatures, am carrying you.
Let Ezekiel come and see You on my knees;
let him kneel down and worship You, and acknowledge
It was You he saw there lifted up by the cherubim
above the chariot, and let him call me blessed
who carry You now.

Saint Ephrem the Syrian (4th Century) a deacon and a hermit wrote hundred of hymns in honor of the Blessed Trinity, the incarnation and the Blessed Virgin Mary.