New Sunday

On Sunday, April 12, the Maronite Church commemorates ‘New Sunday’, which is the eighth day of the Church’s celebration of the Resurrection. Also, in the Roman Catholic calendar it is the feast of Divine Mercy.

The following is an explanation of the meaning of ‘New Sunday’ taken from the Maronite Divine Office.

“The first week of the Season of the Resurrection, the week of Hawareyeen, has come to a conclusion. During this week we have seen the various appearances of the Lord to Peter and Mary Magdalene, seven disciples at the sea of Tiberias, the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, and the disciples gathered together in the Upper Room. Now the appearances of the Lord are over. In overcoming the hesitation of Thomas, the Lord revealed to the Apostles the truth of the Resurrection. Christ has Risen, truly Risen!

New Sunday once and for all puts an end to the old way of looking at the Lord. He is no longer revealed in the flesh (as the disciples experienced Him during His life with them); nor in glory (as Thomas did). From now on, He is revealed in Spirit, through the experience of faith and in the Mysteries (Sacraments). Only in the Spirit is there a sharing in His Mystery of Redemption. His Word is crystal clear and resounds for all ages and generations:

‘You have come to believe because you saw me. Blessed are they

 who have not seen and have believed’ (Jn 20:29).”