Catholic Extension - “Serving at the Margins”

We participated in the Catholic Extension Young Professionals of Boston panel discussion on April 30 at the Hilton.  Sr. Therese Maria was on the panel with two other young adults who work in some of the unique areas of the Catholic Church in the US. The three panelists were given an opportunity to tell their stories and how they are carrying out Pope Francis’ call to serve those at the margins, and also to take questions from the audience.

Sr. Therese Maria shared her experience of serving in the Eparchy of St. Maron, and how this often entails lots of travelling to reach our Maronite people. The audience was surprised to learn that our Eparchy actually comprises the entire eastern seaboard spanning 16 states. Sr. Therese Maria explained that this means that we, as Maronite consecrated religious, need to be quite missionary in spirit, serving our people when, where and as required.

Ms. Devon Kemp, a panelist, shared her experience of working in the mission dioceses of Amarillo and San Angelo, both in Texas, where she was serving in campus ministry.  Another panelist, Ms. Casey Bustamante, currently serves the Archdiocese of the Military, which includes bases and installations across the country and globally.

The night concluded with a networking reception of the young professionals including a number of our Maronite young adults from the parishes of Brockton and Boston who came to show their support and encouragement to Sr. Therese Maria.