Retreat Day – “Revitalizing in the Light”

By Natalie Salameh
We hosted a “Revitalize in His Light” retreat day for 27 people on Saturday, June 13 at the Mother of Light Convent in Dartmouth, MA.  The theme was taking time out of our busy daily schedules to reflect on two of the many gifts that God gives us to draw close to Him-- the Holy Mysteries (Eucharist) and the Word of God in Sacred Scripture.  

Mother Marla Marie presented on the significance of the Holy Mysteries in our life, and also in her own life. She explained that when Jesus told us that we must “feed on Him” who is “the living bread that came down from heaven” (Jn 6: 51), our Lord was inviting us to become his intimate companions in every aspect of our lives. Mother Marla Marie explained that the word ‘com-panion’ actually means “bread-with-us” (‘com’ in Latin means “with” and ‘panis’ is “bread”). Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that the greatest poverty in our society today is that of loneliness. Mother Marla Marie explained that Jesus gave us the ultimate remedy for our loneliness in the Eucharist, when we are with Him “bread-with-us”. Later, an hour of adoration was offered before the Holy Mysteries to spend time with Him who calls us to intimacy and companionship.

We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, so we gathered for a picnic lunch outside with lots of fellowship.

Sr. Therese Maria presented the second session of the day on inviting God to speak to us and within us through His Word, the Sacred Scriptures. She guided the retreatants in a lectio divina (sacred reading) and helped them to pray with God’s Word by meditating on Matthew 6: 25-34, which is Christ’s teaching on depending on God for everything in our lives and to stop worrying. Christ Himself tells us “do not worry about your life” (Mt 6: 25) because our Heavenly Father knows exactly what you need. Sr. Therese Maria explained that the Word of God is living and effective, it should be spurring us to change for the better in our lives. In their sharing on the meditation of St. Matthew’s Gospel passage, many retreatants mentioned that God was asking them to trust more in Him and less in themselves.

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