Sisters' Annual Retreat

The Maronite Servants of Christ the Light recently concluded their annual silent retreat which commenced on Sunday, August 21st and concluded on Sunday August, 28th. The sisters remained at the Mother of Light Convent in Dartmouth for this week-long retreat of silence and solitude. The theme of this year’s retreat was “The Beatitudes”. Each day we were blessed with the presence of our retreat master, Fr. James Doran, who offered Divine Liturgy and preached two conferences daily on our retreat theme. Fr. James is a priest of the Roman Rite with bi-ritual faculties and is currently assisting at St. Anthony of the Desert Maronite Church in Fall River.
A prayer written by Sr. Therese Maria Touma
Lord Jesus, I desire to reflect your face of mercy and radiate your light and charity to all those I encounter. May I become one with each Beatitude:
Help me to be compassionate, courageous, sacrificial in suffering love, and authentic in living out “meekness”.
Help me to be detached, docile, trusting and giving of myself in my striving to be “poor in spirit”.
Help me to shed all that displeases you and sincerely “mourn” my willfulness and selfishness, in order to freely love you and my neighbor.
Help me to be your “Reservoir of Light” in extending “mercy” and comfort to all those who suffer, want or need a hand.
Help me to clearly distinguish what comes from you and what does not, so that I can choose you in “purity of heart”.
Help me to uphold the awesome dignity we have as children of God by sowing words and deeds of “peace” and love.
Help me to serve and seek what is Good, True and Beautiful, and “hunger and thirst” for you, the Hidden One, the Radiant One.
Help me to remain undivided in loving and following you, my sweet Jesus, despite what “persecutions” may come….
You are my life
You are my all

My eternal home is with you!