World Maronite Youth Days, Lebanon

By Sr. Therese Maria Touma, Eparchial Coordinator for MYO/MYA

Together with His Beatitude Patriarch Beshara Peter Rai, thousands of Maronite Young adults will be gather from all over the world in Lebanon this summer to share and celebrate the unique beauty of our Maronite faith and roots. The theme for World Maronite Youth days (WMYD) is: “Be Strong and Courageous.”

The significant goals set by the Youth Pastoral Ministry in Lebanon for the WMYD are:
-        Deepening the young adult’s personal relationship with Christ
-        Learning about the history and spirituality of the Maronite Church
-      Developing their sense of pastoral and eparchial belonging and creating and deepening their relationship and friendship between the resident and non-resident Maronite youth.

During the WMYD, July 15-25, the dynamic activities planned in the program include daily catechesis, interactive discussions, sport and art activities, exhibitions, opportunity for adoration, quiet prayer and confession, social gatherings, and optional touring of various religious and historical sites throughout Lebanon, such as the Holy Valley, St. Hardini, St. Rafka, Harissa, Byblos, Jeita Grotto, Beyrouth Centre Ville, Deir el Kamar, Beit Dine, Maghdoushe, Zahle, Baalbek, Bekaa Valley and more…
We are delighted to share that we have nearly 40 participants representing the two Maronite Eparchies in the USA and attending WMYD. These individuals (including two of our seminarians Chris Nahra and Peter Zogbi) are coming from a number of our Maronite parishes in the following ten states: Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Ohio, Alabama, California, Michigan and Oregon.

The young adults including myself (Sister Therese Maria, MSCL) are counting down the days and are very excited to be participating! Here is a complete list of those attending: Gabriel Rizk, Amanuel Rizk, George Rizk, Theresa Rizk, Zachariah Rizk, Christy Bouhaidar, Sandra Matar, Stephanie Matar, Mark El-Hallal, Christophe Chedid, Gabrielle Chedid, Maya Khoury, James Salamy, Eleni Carali, Michael Hyland, Mariette Franjieh, Stephanie Khoury, Lisa Wyrsch, Layal Chaoul, Eliana Francis, Hana Chemaly, Chris Nahra, Maria Harika, Clara Karam, Racquel Fakhouri, George-Sharbel Fakhouri, Anthony Fakhouri, Christina Khamis, Andrew Samaan, Ashley Samaan, Antoine Zogbi, Peter Zogbi, Christine Abi-Abdallah, James Abi-Abdallah, Sami Younes and Joyce Eid.

Please join me in praying for our energetic group, for the generous organizers in Lebanon, and all those attending… May WMYD be a spiritually uplifting and life-changing encounter with the Lord, and each person we meet along our way. Come Holy Spirit!