National MYA Workshop – Chicago

By Sr. Natalie Sayde Salameh
We had a successful National MYA workshop in Chicago this past weekend. Fr. Pierre El-Khoury and the generous parishioners of Our Lady of Lebanon Church in Lombard, IL, hosted the young adult gathering with their welcoming hospitality. Father Tony Massad, Pastor of St. Rafka Church in Livonia, MI, and Sister Therese Maria, Eparchial Coordinator of the Maronite Young Adults and the National Executive Board diligently worked together to offer an awesome weekend of spirituality, fun and fellowship for the 215 young adults who attended from across the country.
We were blessed to have His Excellency Bishop Elias Abdallah Zaidan, Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon, with us for the weekend, along with guest speaker, Karlo Broussard from Catholic Answers who spoke on the theme of defending the Christian faith. Karlo was excellent in exposing the dangers of relativism, so prevalent in our secular culture today, and also why the Catholic faith is the true faith.

As part of the dynamic program of prayer, presentations, confession, Liturgy and ice breakers, the young adults also made blankets together for the Chicago children’s cancer society. A beautiful weekend of blessings!