Formation Studies at Magdala Apostolate

Among the many things that our sisters here at the Maronite Servants have been involved in, We wanted to let you know about one in particular, the Magdala Apostolate. You may not have heard of the Magdala Apostolate or realized the need that it addresses, but it is certainly a gift from God.
The Magdala Apostolate was founded in 2014 by the Institute of Catholic Culture (check them out online at www.instituteofcatholicculture.org) to offer sound doctrinal formation, both initial and ongoing, for women religious and novices in accord with the Church’s call for a new evangelization and at no charge to the sisters or communities they serve. 
While we are very dedicated to our community’s mission and life of prayer, intellectual formation for the sisters is not always easy to provide. Through the Magdala Apostolate, our sisters have access to the highest-level scholars who are faithful to the magisterium of the Church. We are able to take classes in theology, philosophy, history, scripture, catechetics, and spirituality through a webinar format that allows our sisters to stay dedicated to our mission and remain in our convent. 
Even though the Magdala Apostolate is offered to our sisters for free, there is a significant cost in providing this education. The Magdala Apostolate relies upon the charity of generous benefactors to continue their mission. We highly recommend the Magdala Apostolate for consideration in your charitable support. For more information, please visit www.magdalaapostolate.org. Please pray for our sisters are we continue to learn more about our Savior.