Virtual LoL Bible Camp

We were blessed to offer a virtual Light of Life (LoL) Bible camp for children ages 5 to 12. The theme this year was in the footsteps of Saints Peter and Paul. We focused on the courage of Saint Paul and the trust and faith of Saint Peter as the first pope. It was such a gift to see the children, do fun crafts, share Bible stories, sing, dance, and pray with the children. Next year we hope to be able to offer our camp in person.


Pentecost Icon Explained

This feast is of great importance as it marks the coming of the Holy Spirit. On the Ascension we focused on an icon from the Rabulla Gospels. The Gospels were with the Maronites since the 6th Century. They are one of the oldest surviving biblical manuscripts and are based on the Syriac Peshita version of the Gospel. They also contain this icon of Pentecost.