LoL Club - A Week of Summer Fun

Jesus is the Light of Life was the theme of our first LoL Club summer bible program for children ages 4-12  held on July 23rd  through the 27th at our convent in Dartmouth. We hosted 18 children from the New Bedford and Fall River parishes, with the capable support of three teen helpers and three young adult assistants.  Father Jack Morrison, pastor of Our Lady of Purgatory, New Bedford came each day to speak with the children about the Maronite faith and join in the fun activities and games. On the final day, Father Jack offered Divine Liturgy for the children, parents and LoL team leaders. The Liturgy was followed by entertainment by the LoL Club members, a pot-luck cookout and more games for the children.
Our dynamic program focused on teaching the children the virtues of love, trust, courage, patience and perseverance. To help the children to grow in these virtues we showed them selected DVD bible stories, crafts, skits, Bible activities, singing, dancing, and catechesis focused on the Maronite Liturgy and traditions.
The LoL Club  children had a great time and the parents were very pleased to see them learning with the help of the Sisters.   


Feast of St. Sharbel - July 23

At the closing of the Second Vatican Council, on December 5, 1965 Sharbel was beatified by Pope Paul VI who said:
“ ... a hermit of the Lebanese mountain is inscribed in the number of the blessed ... a new eminent member of monastic sanctity is enriching, by his example and his intercession, the entire Christian people... May he make us understand, in a world largely fascinated by wealth and comfort, the paramount value of poverty, penance and asceticism, to liberate the soul in its ascent to God."
Saint Sharbel, pray for us.

Thomas Merton, the American hermit, wrote in his journal:
"Sharbel lived as a hermit in Lebanon … he was a Maronite. He died. Everyone forgot about him. Fifty years later his body was covered incorrupt and in a short time he worked over 600 miracles. He is my new companion. My road has taken a new turning. It seems to me that I have been asleep for 9 years---and before that I was dead."

Neighbors Visit

Our friendly neighbors  Katie, Derek, Mariah , Richard, Donna and Amy came to our home for an enjoyable cookout this past week.


National M YO Workshop 2012

By Sister Therese Maria, MSCL

We participated in the National Maronite Youth Workshop (June 24th - 29th) held at St. Raymond’s Cathedral, St. Louis, MO. The theme of the workshop “Come to the Well…” (John 4:4-42) was dynamically coordinated by Father Gary George and his talented team from Youngstown, Ohio.

There were approximately 250 young people present from our Maronite parishes across the U.S. To help Father Gary facilitate the workshop, ten of our Clergy were present along with our Maronite Bishops, His Excellency Bishop Robert Shaheen and His Excellency Bishop Gregory Mansour.

The eventful week included many great spiritual and social activities. Such as: Eucharistic Adoration, Divine Liturgy, morning prayer, laying of hands & healing service, Mystery of Penance, an engaging discussion and Q&A with Bishop Gregory Mansour and Bishop Robert Shaheen, visits to St. Louis Basilica and Our Lady of the Snow Shrine, fun and challenging ice breakers, a visit to Splash City water park, movie night, & snacks…

This precious time was a great joy for us to meet and serve a large number of our Maronite teens and young adults. We also had the opportunity to share with them our latest video which speaks about our vocation and mission as spiritual mothers in our Maronite Church. The positive feedback that we received from the group regarding our presence and the video was very encouraging, and I believe it is an affirmation of the importance of consecrated religious radiating the light and warmth of Christ!