Weekend Events of the Sisters

Catechetical Workshop

On Saturday, September 22, the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light facilitated a Catechetical Workshop for the Catechists of Our Lady of the Cedars Church of Boston. The Workshop took place at the Mother of Light Convent. 

This was the first workshop in a four-part series that the sisters are offering to help catechists serve their parish and the classroom more effectively. 

The first workshop focused on some key areas in Catechesis: 

1.    The mission of a Catechist (especially the Role, Qualities, Knowledge and Skills required of a Catechist);
2.    The place of the family in catechesis, as the Domestic Church, and how the Catechist can encourage more participation and involvement in Catechesis from the family;
3.    The content and tasks of catechesis, especially witnessing to our faith, not merely in word, but more importantly, in example.

The next three Catechetical workshops to be offered by the sisters will cover other important topics which include, but are not limited to, Curriculum and lesson planning; disciplinary and communication skills; child engagement; creating a safe environment and so forth.

Our Lady Of Purgatory Church Festival

On Saturday, October 22, the Maronite Servants attended the Festival of Our Lady of Purgatory Church honoring the Feast of the Holy Cross in New Bedford, MA. 

Before the Vigil Liturgy, Sr. Therese Maria gave a presentation on the meaning of the Feast of the Holy Cross in our Maronite Liturgical Year, and the significance of the Cross in our everyday lives. 


Hafle Fundraiser for our 10th Anniversary

Join us in Boston on October 13th at 7:00PM for a Hafle Fundraiser to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light.  This event promises to be a great time with excellent food, entertainment and celebration.  Please support the Sisters in their major fundraiser of the year. Consider bringing a table of your friends.  Tickets must be purchased in advance from one of the sellers listed at the bottom of the poster.  Thank you for supporting us!  


10th Anniversary Open House

Maronite Servants Celebrate 10 Years – Open House
By Sr. Natalie Sayde Salameh, MSCL
The Maronite Servants of Christ the Light hosted an Open House on Saturday, September 8 from 2:00PM to 5:00PM in celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary. September 8 also happens to be the Feast of the Birthday of the Blessed Mother. In attendance were Bishop Gregory Mansour, our Maronite Bishop and Bishop Nicholas Samra of the Melkite Church. 
The Sisters were pleased to welcome over 70 guests to our convent in Dartmouth for a presentation on the blessings of the last 10 years, a tour of our basement, which is undergoing complete remodeling and refurbishment, refreshments, and the cutting of an anniversary cake. 
Our guests were first introduced to our Chapel of Saint Maron, and then proceeded to the sunroom, which was set up as a display area featuring a video, and powerpoint presentation, featuring some of the blessings of the last 10 years. Sr. Therese Maria also explained our basement project with before and after shots.  After this, our guests were taken on a tour of the basement by Sr. Natalie Sayde and were shown the current progress of the project and what still needs to be done. 

Dedicated volunteers served refreshments in our outdoor area where our friends could sit back and enjoy each other’s company. Both Mother Marla Marie and Bishop Gregory Mansour gave short presentations on the beauty of our Community and our charism as spiritual mothers, and how God has been working with us, in us and through us in the last 10 years. 

Please save the following dates in your calendar in celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary with us:

·      Banquet Dinner/Fundraiser on Saturday, October 13 at Our Lady of the Cedars, Boston,MA. 
 Liturgy of Thanksgiving on November 16 St. George in Cranston, RI