Vocation Questions

In person or via email, I have been asked several good questions regarding the vocation of the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light, the new foundation of consecrated religious begun on June 1, 2008. I have included a couple of questions and answers here, and welcome you to ask others. Our email is: sister@maroniteservants.org; website is: Maroniteservants.org, and our Blog is: RadiateHisLight.blogspot.com.

I've done quite a lot of research-both Roman and Maronite rite- but nothing has clicked just yet. My research is primarily on-line and articles, etc.. It's difficult for me because I have so many ministries that I am attracted to …. Yes, uncertainty is always a challenge and even more so in our technological times when things are so instantaneous. Relationships will never be like a click of a mouse. Prayerful discernment is central to discovering one's mission/call in this life. Lord, how do you want me to serve you? Where?
He will lead the way as long as we keep an open heart and faithfulness to daily prayer and the Sacraments. A religious vocation is a deep attraction to give oneself completely to the Beloved, who is Christ and His Church. The ministry is secondary.
Our Maronite Servant's call is to be there for our people to walk the journey of faith with them as a spiritual mother looking out for their needs. In parish ministry the needs are diverse and reflect the Gospel life of Christ who preached, healed, fed, comforted, taught ...loved each and every one.

I just wanted to see if you-as a nun- had ever experienced any frustration in your vocation discernment just to see if what I'm experiencing is normal. Take heart, you are not alone in this experience. Trust in the Lord. Reflect and ask yourself, "am I seeking what He wants for me? or am I seeking what I want for me?" Discernment means we have to ask tough questions of ourselves and probe our motives and desires. It means that we have to truly seek detachment and surrender. Mary is your model in this, and she will be your guide. Read the Gospel of St. Luke, especially the beginning chapters and meditate on Mary's challenges and trials, her confusion which surrendered in an obedient faith. Mary gave all with joy, pondering in heart -- not fully understanding-- but trusting.