Vocation Questions continued...

We all want to know about the habit. What was your inspiration for it and what is the significance of each aspect of it?
I have been receiving numerous compliments on the habit. I would like to think it was designed by the Holy Spirit because I haven’t had to think about what to wear for decades. After listening to the Bishop, I chose this habit with some features that connect with our monastic traditions. The Maronite Church is an outgrowth of the monastic community of Saint Maron. A staple habit was considered a simple black tunic bound by a leather belt. However, I did not want our members to be mistaken for the wife of a Taliban. I was looking for modesty, but one that reflected our femininity. This brought me to select the shade of grey for the tunic, still speaking of simplicity and poverty. I kept the black in using a scapular, and I added a gold embroidered Rabbula Cross, part of our Syriac tradition. The contrast of the brilliant cross on the black is symbolic of Christ’s light radiating through the darkness bringing God’s hope and mercy which is significant to our charism. Our habit rosary is made of the olive pits, a connection to the earthy simplicity of the villages in Lebanon and a sign of our dedication to Mary.