Visits to Our Maronite Parishes

By Sister Marla Marie
At the request of Bishop Gregory Mansour, part of my mission in beginning the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light is to visit our parishes to speak on vocations and the mission of this new religious community. Since June, I have traveled to several parishes meeting our Maronite faithful and clergy. In the first few months of the New Year, my travels will be taking me here and abroad. Please pray for God’s blessings on my efforts.
Visit our website: Maroniteservant.org for a complete list of my visits.
January 3 & 4…Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral, Brooklyn NY
January 10 & 11…St. Peter and Paul Mission, Tampa FL
January 17 & 18…St. Jude, Orlando FL
January 24 & 25…St Elias, Roanoke VA
February 7 & 8…Our Lady of Lebanon, Waterbury CT
February 14 & 15… Our Lady of Mt. Lebanon-St. Peter Cathedral, Los Angeles
February 17 – March 4…Sydney Australia
March 7 & 8… St. Ephrem, San Diego CA
March 25 – April 16…Lebanon

Pictures of my visit to Saint Anthony in Springfield, MA