The Three Brothers

Last week we were delighted with a visit to our Monastery from Eric Hinojosa of Corpus Christi Watershed productions. Eric is a filmmaker working on a movie of the Blessed Massabki brothers (see our blog feature). We wish him well in his endeavors. Eric has also offered to make a complimentary video promoting the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light. The information below is taken from Eric’s promotional brochure highlighting the project.

During the massacres of 1860 in Syria and Lebanon, many Christians were murdered for their faith and because of sectarian tensions. Among them were the three Massabki brothers from Damascus, who were martyred there along with the Franciscan monks. They were all beatified during a ceremony in Rome entitled “The Martyrs of Damascus.”

Corpus Christi Watershed is producing a short film about the three Massabki brothers, Abd al-Kader and the events of 1860. Helmed by NYU French Studies and Film alumnus Eric Hinojosa, the project is intended to tell the story of sanctity and heroism and to raise awareness about these real-life martyrs. The film will be in English with optional subtitles. Our intention is to shoot the short film in Lebanon and to show it to American audiences. This will, God willing, increase devotion to the Massabki brothers and aid in raising funds for a feature film to share their story with many faithful.

Never before has there been such a need for a film about Christians in the Middle East. The very part of the world from which our Lord came has seen a massive exodus of Christians in recent years. This film will be an important aid in making it known to Americans that there are Christians in the Middle East and that they need our support and prayers.

The fact that the tale includes acts of heroism on the parts of both Christians and Muslims will aid in the “inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue between Christians and Muslims” on which, according to Pope Benedict XVI, “a large part of our future depends.”

“The Massabki brothers of 1860 Damascus are a forgotten but fascinating story of three brothers who cherished their Maronite Catholic faith. Emir Abd el-Kaer and the Massabkis are two sides of one story describing what noble men do in the midst of unrestrained violence and hatred. Their story begs to be written today when those who espouse violent jihad have no idea of what the great inner struggle for justice and respect for all really means…the Massabki brothers and Emir Abd el-Kader did.”
~ + Bishop Gregory Mansour, Bishop of the Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn

“I’m very excited to see this project become reality because the Massabkis are the patrons of NAM, and the organization is based on people who have given their time and life to Christ. These men literally gave their life to Christ. You don’t have to be a priest or religious to give your life to God, and the Massabkis show us that.”
~ Michael Naber, Executive Director, National Apostolate of Maronites (NAM)

“The three Massabki brothers, who were very successful businessmen and traders, are a great example of always following the most important treasure ever: Jesus. Their story is an example and a road map for my life.”
~ Louis J. Ragy, NAM Board Member in charge of the Massabki Canonization

Maronite Servants postulants, Tresa and Therese are filmed by Eric for our promo video.