Pro-Life Allert -- FDA Approves "Ella"

By: Deacon Nicholas Mammi   Eparchy Of Saint Maron, Office of Family and Sanctity of Life

Deacon Nicholas and the Eparchy Pro-Life display at NAM.
My Dear Pro-Life Friends,

On August 13, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the new drug called “ella” (Ulipristal acetate) for use as an “emergency contraceptive” up to five days after sexual intercourse. While promoted as a contraceptive drug, ella crosses the line between contraception and abortion. It has significant potential to cause abortion of a six to ten day old embryo. The drug inhibits progesterone, a hormone required for a healthy pregnancy. This, in turn, creates an inhospitable endometrium which will either prevent implantation or disrupt the already established implantation of the baby. As a result, the child will die from lack of nutrients and slough off in the woman's next menstrual cycle.
This new development is clearly in conflict with our Catholic Moral Teaching. Moreover, it can mislead women -- by product misrepresentation -- to unintentionally abort a child while their intention is to prevent conception. Please include this sad event in your daily prayers. Consider a phone call or written comment to the FDA, their advisors and federal officials who oversee the FDA. Please see the links and bullet points below that will assist in your further education and communications.
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FDA Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee Roster --

Members U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee that oversees the FDA

Members U.S. Senate Committee that oversees the FDA

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the new drug called “ella” (Ulipristal acetate) for use as an “emergency contraceptive” up to five days after sexual intercourse. The FDA approval blurs the line between preventing conception in the first place, and preventing implantation or even ending an established pregnancy after implantation, killing a person in the earliest weeks of life. If the mother’s endometrium is not hospitable or starts to shed prematurely, the 6-to-10-day-old embryo will have difficulty becoming or remaining implanted in the womb. According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll of likely voters, 58% of women consider abortion morally wrong in most cases. Blurring the line between abortion and contraception undermines women’s informed consent.

It is a huge disservice to women of any religious faith (or none) who would not knowingly choose to abort.

Women and men alike deserve to know that ella can cause abortions. Its labelling, warnings and promotions should indicate such.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support for life!