Photo Gallery Update

Visit our updated Photo Gallery on our website. The labeled photos contain our various visits to Maronite parishes and our travels to Eparchial events. Some memorable photo files to mention include our attendance to Abouna Lahood’s Retirement Liturgy at Our Lady of Cedars; Ramsho & Supper Evenings at the Monastery; our teen retreat ‘Radiate His Light’; our recreational activities such as walks on the beach, making brownies; and visiting the Shrine for the Shroud of Turin in New York; our visit to Abouna Kesrouani at Yale University; catechism classes with fifth graders at Immaculate Conception parish, and more.
Please share this link with family and friends. The photos speak for themselves of the joy and balance that we live as Maronite Servants of Christ the Light.
Keep posted to our Photo Gallery to see more pictures to come: our visit to Washington DC for classes with Chor Bishop Beggiani, the ordinations of Fr. Vince and Fr. Tony, the NAM Convention in Alabama and the recent Assumption Feast pilgrimage in Ohio.