Maronite Servants Present Catechesis on St. Maron

In response the 1600th anniversary commemorating the death of Saint Maron, the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light have creatively developed a curriculum on Saint Maron for religious formation to present to grades K-6, and the teens in MYO. In presenting these interactive lessons, the Sisters use various props, Scripture, visual technologies and activities, to help the youth to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Maronite spirituality, traditions, and way of prayer. Also, the Maronite Servants have a presentation prepared for the MYA.
St. Theresa's Maronite Church in Brockton has already requested the Maronite Servants to offer this program as part of their Heritage Day catechesis. The presentations on St. Maron will teach on his history, his importance in the founding of our Maronite Church, and his current influence on Maronite spirituality, and way of worship. In the teen presentation, the Sisters discuss growing in virtue and weeding out vice in our lives. St. Maron compared this to the analogy of cultivating the garden of our hearts, to make them fertile in receiving and living God’s Word.
Overall, this curriculum will provide children with inspiring information about St. Maron and engaging activities to reinforce the lesson. If your parish is interested in these presentations, contact Sister Marla Marie at sister@maroniteservants.org or phone 781-331-3290.