Witnessing For Life

Sister Marla Marie (r), Abouna Salim (c), Therese Touma (l), praying the rosary.
  by Therese Touma

On Wednesday October 6th, the Maronite Servants along with Fr. Anthony Salim, pastor of St. Theresa’s Maronite Church, Brockton participated in the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil in Attleboro, M.A. In the wind and rain, holding our umbrellas and rosaries, we offered up an hour of prayer outside a local abortion facility in witness to the sanctity of life.
With October being the month of the Holy Rosary and Respect Life, we prayed the four mysteries and asked our Blessed Mother to pray with us for the intentions of all the unborn children, for the conversion of those who work at the abortion centers and for the closure of all these facilities.

40 Days for Life is a pro-life campaign organized by lay people promoting the value and dignity of life.
Through the use of peaceful prayer and fasting, constant vigil and community outreach, 40 days for Life seeks to make the public aware of the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods, and ultimately put an end to the evil of abortion in America, and all over the world. Visit the website for more details.

The 40 day period began September 22nd and will continue through to October 31st. In total there are 238 locations in the US, Canada, Australia, England, Northern Ireland and Denmark participating 40 Days for Life. On day 15, it has been reported on their website that campaigns of prayer and fasting have so far saved 166 babies from abortion!

In 2005, in America alone, 1.21 million babies were aborted. Since 2007 six coordinated 40 Days for Life campaigns have taken place. As a result of these joined efforts, participants have witnessed many blessings from God. Some are noted below.

Reports document 2,811 lives that have been spared from abortion — and those are just the ones that have been reported 36 abortion workers have quit their jobs and walked away from the abortion industry.
Seven abortion facilities completely shut down following local 40 Days for Life campaigns.
Hundreds of women and men have been spared from the tragic effects of abortion, including a lifetime of regrets.

More than 850 news stories have been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio shows and TV  programs from coast to coast ... and overseas.