A Letter to a Young Adult Woman

Dear Young Woman,

God has given you many gifts: your beauty, your talents, your good heart, family, friends. So much to give thanks for. 😊

I just want to encourage you  to be careful how you dress especially in revealing your body parts. Praise God! You have inner and outer beauty but when you display your outer body like you have been on social media you become an object for other people, and unfortunately for guys a cause for lust.

As your sister I am encouraging to be more modest in your choice of clothing because I care for you and your soul. You don't want to lose your soul and become a slave to this world and fashion and what people think. You are precious! You are enough! You are a beloved daughter, a princess of a king, God the Father in Heaven.

I hope you understand where I am coming from. If I didn't care I would not have written. But I very much care. When I saw your 19th birthday picture in your white dress I felt like you were exposed to the world. Unfortunately, someone can take that picture (without you knowing) and do something gross with it. It is sad to see how twisted people today make profit from women or men dressed in very little clothing. I have a friend Leah Darrow (look her up) who was a successful supermodel in New York nearly lose her soul in modeling as she was forced to wear things that at first she thought was ok and then was made to feel very indecent and uncomfortable. Thank God she realized that this way of life and dressing was just making her feel empty as she was being used and objectified to gratify and please people's lust and selfish pleasures. She had a big conversion experience and asked her dad to come get her from New York as she feared losing her soul. Now she is a happily married mother of three and goes around the world speaking to young people about the importance of modesty and keeping your dignity as a loved daughter of God by the way you dress, act and live your values. Please let me know how you feel about what I have shared. God bless you
You are in my daily prayers. Sr. Therese Maria 🙏