You became the Mediator

SEDRO (from the Thursday Safro prayers)
O Christ,
we give you thanks, for by your resurrection you became the Mediator between God and man.
We were enemies, weighed down by a debt which has no equivalent
and which we had no hope of repaying.
Our sins weighed us down,
and we had neither the strength nor the means to erase them.
But your mercy came to us,
your love cleared a path for us.
You stretched out your hand toward us
and became man to bear all our sins,
cancel our entire debt,
redeem us at the precious price of your blood,
save us through the marvelous instrument which is your cross, and to grant us, through your resurrection, the hope
of our own rising and the promise of every blessing.
Without you there would be no mediator;
the light of hope would not have shone in our night
and it would not have arisen from our despair.
We would still be deep in sin and the most miserable of men!
But thanks be to God who, through you,
saved us from death.
Praise be to your love which atoned for our sins;
to you be glory and praise,
now and for ever. Amen.