Latest Events

Blessing of the Oils - Brooklyn

On Monday 4th April, we joined our Maronite faithful at the noon Liturgy of the Blessing of the Oils at Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral, Brooklyn. The Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Bishop Gregory Mansour and concelebrated by Bishop Stephen Hector Doueihi, Chorbishop Michael, Chorbishop Beggiani, Chorbishop Kaddo, Chorbishop Peter Azar, Fr. Jim Root (Rector of the Cathedral) and about twenty priests from the Eparchy.
The Sisters join with the parish of St. Anthony/St. George from Wilkes Barre
where Father Karam is the pastor (pictured right).
Ordination to the Subdiaconate

The Sisters pictured with Subdeacon Camille Jean Atallah.

On April 3rd, we attended the ordination to the  Subdiaconate of Camille Jean Atallah  at Our Lady of Lebanon, Waterbury, CT. The ordination was conferred by Chorbishop Seely Beggiani, rector at the Maronite Seminary in Washington DC., and concelebrated by Fr. Jack Morrison, Fr. Naji Kiwan, pastor, Fr. David George and other priests from the area.