Project Roots - Register

His Excellency, Bishop Gregory Mansour recently wrote to the clergy regarding Project Roots .  Please read the excerpt here and visit the website.  Support this important mission. 

"As you know the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon and the Eparchy of Saint Maron in collaboration with the Maronite Foundation throughout the world have established the program Project Roots which has been working diligently to connect our people with their Lebanese heritage. I would like to ask for your help at the local level by informing your parishioners about Project Roots and to remind them to register their marriages and the births of their children at the proper Lebanese Consulate. This would be a great help in connecting our people together."

Father Abdallah Zaidan, MLM has opened the Main Office (phone number 310-276-1939) in Los Angeles and together with both bishops and local pastors has assigned Regional Coordinators to help in this process. In our Eparchy, below are their names and contact information:

Regional Coordinators:
Najib Nasr (main office) (310)-801-9559 Los Angeles nnasr@projectroots.net
Monica Abinader (305)-509-2850 Miami monica@projectroots.net
Elias Azzi (617)-943-7960 Boston eazzi@projectroots.net
Nada Salem Abisamra (917)-755-0499 Washington nada@projectroots.net
Roula Eid (917)-975-6814 New York reid@projectroots.net