Maronite Teens from North Carolina attend World Youth Day 2011

By Cecilia Romero

Seven teens from the North Carolina Maronite Church of St Michael the Archangel had the wonderful opportunity to attend World Youth Day which was held August 15 to August 22, 2011 in Madrid, Spain.  The teens were led by Mrs. Marie Van Heusen. Also with the group was Seminarian Ian Van Heusen who gave several spritual talks and Cecilia Romero who served as a translator. Father Samuel Najjar, pastor of St Michael the Archangel along with many parishioners and friends, spiritually and financially aided the group to participate in this pilgrimage.

World Youth Day is an even held every two years in which teens and young adults from all over the world come together to witness their Catholic faith. Many Maronites from Lebanon and Australia were also present in Madrid. Reports from the media estimated that three million people traveled to WYD Madrid. There were many events  which culminated at the Sunday Mass at Cuatro Vientos airfield led by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. More reports about World Youth Day will be featured in future blogs.