Youth Events

Holy Communion- Fall River
We attended the First Holy Communion Liturgy on May 5 at Saint Anthony of the Desert parish in Fall River. We are with Leah Dunn and her father Sub deacon Brian Dunn.
We visited the Holy Communion class in March and taught them about the importance of the Sacraments/Mysteries of Penance and the Eucharist. “God is a good God. Yes He is!” was a song we taught them with hand actions in our visit with the children. They happily surprised us when they performed it after receiving their Holy Communion at the conclusion of the Liturgy.

MYO Brockton visit Convent- Dartmouth
On Sunday May 5, the MYO from St. Theresa’s parish in Brockton came to our convent for an afternoon retreat. We had a fruitful and fun time together learning more about the gift of our Catholic faith. We began the session with a get to know you ice-breaker and snacks.
Through visual media we discussed a number of questions: Such as what does it mean to be Catholic? Why are we Maronite Catholic? What is faith? How do we grow faith? Also, we reflected on the central beliefs we profess in the Creed.  For the Feast of Our Lady of Lebanon, in honor of the Mother of God, we processed to our grotto and prayed a rosary for the intention of the sick, our loved ones and for peace.  We concluded the evening with Ramsho & supper.