Atlanta GA - Tallahasee FL

MYA Workshop Atlanta
 Mother Marla Marie speaking on vocations to grade eight.

We participated in the National Workshop for Maronite Young Adults  November 1st - 3rd where 170 attended from across the country in Atlanta, G.A. During the weekend, we facilitated a pro-life discussion group and assisted with the Adoration and Reconciliation service. The workshop concluded with Divine Liturgy at St. Joseph’s, the host parish, followed by a farewell brunch.
We also visited the Religious Education classes at St. Joseph’s.

Life Teen - Tallahassee, Florida
We offered a presentation on the Saints to the Life Teen group at Good Shepherd parish in Tallahasee, FL on November 3rd. The teens were awesome.  The parish Youth Minister, Kelly Colangelo is a dear friend of Mother Marla Marie.  Below is an email received by Kelly from a parent:

"I just wanted to share that (my daughter) voluntarily mentioned last night how good the nuns talk was. (For her to mention anything without being asked means she was impressed.) She was blessed to be in their group for the skit and said they were so nice. I loved that she was able to have one on one with nuns. What a very cool experience to give the kids. I grew up with nuns in Catholic school but I forget my kids really don't ever have contact with religious except our priests and deacons. Please express our thanks to them for making the trip. They were hip, funny and authentic. Their love for the kids was clearly articulated. And thank you for thinking outside the box and sharing your gifts with our kids."