Sunday After the Birth of Our Lord

O Lord, by your marvelous birth you saved us!
O believers, the Word is made flesh, During the night,
the savior of all was born.
Adam’s sin is canceled by the crying of a child and David rejoices at his heir.
O Herod and people of Israel, why are you troubled?
The Magi come to him, offering him their gifts.
The angels awaken the sleeping shepherds.
The love of the Lord is poured out all creatures below.
Blessed are we for we are raised higher than heavenly
Mary, worthy are you to receive the most beautiful of creatures.
His is the glory of the universe.
As the archangel predicted, worshipers come to the cave at
Bethlehem and the truth is made manifest.
The star of Jacob appeared and enlightened those in
The mystery of salvation is begun and fulfilled in the Word.
The astonished people proclaim:
Wonderful are you, O Lord our God, who lie in a crib like
the poorest of poor.
You were made man to redeem all of humanity; all you
peoples glorify him.
Sing out and praise him with the most beautiful of hymns.
Let us cry out, the sun has appeared.
The promise is fulfilled and our salvation is accomplished;
let us give him thanks at all times.
Only Son of the Father, begotten before all time, you promised that you would become flesh in time; you became the Son
of Mary, the daughter of David.
Kings from foreign lands come to adore the infant in the crib; the baby is venerated and glorified.
Isaiah’s promise of a blessed and wonderful birth is fulfilled.