Weekend Highlights - March 1-2 2014

 On Saturday March 1, the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light spent the evening at St. Theresa's Church Brockton with Father Tony Mouannes, pastor, and the youth and young adults of the MYO and MYA.
The evening was a planned as a Q & A format, where those present had the opportunity to ask Fr. Mouanes and the Maronite Servants any question on our Maronite Catholic faith and vocations.
The young people had excellent questions, such as, "why do we pray?", "what do some people find Church boring?", "why do people become priests or nuns?", "when should I go to confession?". The Q & A was followed with fellowship and sharing with a pizza supper.

On Sunday morning, March 2, the Maronite Servants catechized the children on the season of Great Lent at  St. Anthony of the Desert Parish in Fall River. The Sisters explained that Great Lent is part of running our race to receive the ultimate prize of eternal life.

On Sunday afternoon, the Maronite Servants attended the World Day of Prayer for Peace in Egypt, held at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, New Bedford. The event was coordinated by Church Women United, and featured their Ecumenical Choir, and also our very own Our Lady of Purgatory (OLOP) Parish Youth Chorus. 
We sang two hymns in Arabic for those in attendance. One was dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God and Queen of Hope, and the other hymn was dedicated to those who work for peace.  The rehearsals were well coordinated by parishioner, Matt Thomas.