Do you have a Maronite Servants’ heart

Do you have a Maronite Servants’ heart?
The Maronite Servants of Christ the Light invite young women to consider a vocation to the consecrated life.  Here are some qualities that may show signs of a call to the Maronite Servants’ way of life:
·       Personal relationship with God in prayer
·       Thirst for a deeper knowledge of the Maronite Catholic faith
·       Devotion to the Holy Eucharist
·       Generosity and concern for others
·       Desire to live a good and holy life
·       Love for the Church and her teachings
·       Capacity and desire for spiritual motherhood
·       Capacity for friendship and communal living
·       Love for the poor and defenseless
·       Healthy self-image and normal social skills
If you are considering a call to religious life, it is beneficial for you to begin living these steps:
·       Stay close to the Mysteries (sacraments). Participate in Divine Liturgy every Sunday, and daily when possible. Confess your sins to a priest regularly-once a month or even more.
·       Get a spiritual director. Ask a priest or sister to meet with you once a month to discuss your spiritual life.
·       Pray everyday. With the help of your spiritual director, develop a prayer routine.
·       Do some spiritual reading daily.
·       Stay close to Our Lady. The Mother of God will not let you down!
·       Serve your parish. Seek opportunities to get involved in parish life.
·       contact with Sister Marla Marie at sister@maroniteservants.org.

Vocation Prayer
We therefore implore you, O Christ, guard your Church as one flock, under one pastor. Call to your service the young men and women chosen by you. Deepen the love of those you have called for the religious life and help them to become more perfect in following your precepts. May those whom you have chosen, hear your call to the works of evangelization. May your Church be an instrument of sanctification and salvation; let her increase according to your plan, and grow to full stature. Through her may we reach your kingdom, and glorify and praise you, forever. Amen.  (Prayer taken from the Maronite Divine Office)

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