Baptism and Chrismation - Catechesis at Our Lady of Purgatory

The Maronite Servants presented the children of Our Lady of Purgatory Parish a catechesis on the Mysteries (sacraments) of Christian Initiation of Baptism and Chrismation on Saturday, September 27.

With the help of pastor, Fr. Jack Morrison, the children were shown the Maronite ritual associated with baptizing  and chrismating (confirming) an infant, and the effects of each Mystery. The children were excited to participate in a pretend baptism and chrismation. 

The sisters and Fr. Jack explained each of the Mysteries to the children, particularly how baptism is the means of a new birth for us in God’s family, and Chrismation is the sealing or anointing of our new divine life with Holy Chrism (oil), marking us forever as children of God and his Church.
The children were then able to decorate their own baptism remembrance candles, to help them  commemorate the anniversary of their baptism which is like a second birthday as a member of God’s Church and family.