The Support of Family and Friends -Sydney, Australia

During our mission time in Sydney Australia, we were absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support we received from our families, friends and parishioners.

Sr. Therese Maria Touma, Natalie Salameh and Petra Nakhoul (who will join the Maronite Servants in June) are Australian. All three families of these young women graciously and generously hosted four “friendraisers” for the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light.  These “friend-raisers” were an opportunity for us to share our vocation stories and witness to the joy of consecrated life (fitting for this Year of Consecrated Life).  
The friend-raisers were a great way to raise awareness of our mission as Maronite Servants of Christ the Light and thereby generate a wider group of supporters.

Sr. Therese Maria’s sister, Alison Touma, hosted the first of our “friend-raisers” among her fellow housewives circle of friends. Mother Marla Marie spoke to them about their beautiful vocation of marriage and motherhood, especially how they can renew their essential role in the family and their marriage vows.

Natalie Salameh’s brother, Malcolm Salameh, hosted a “friend-raiser”, where we got to meet family and friends, including a local Roman Catholic priest from Our Lady Queen of Peace, Rev. Paul Monkerud.

The Nakhoul and Touma families both hosted “friend-raisers” where Mother Marla Marie spoke at both events on the foundation, establishment and mission of the Maronite Servants of Christ the Light.

During Petra’s “friend-raiser”, she shared her personal faith journey into our community and mission. The night was accompanied by much laughter and fellowship, including Sr. Therese Maria and Natalie sharing a little religious-style stand-up comedy.

Similarly, during the Touma family “friend-raiser”, Sr. Therese Maria also shared her personal journey into religious life and gave a very beautiful witness about her experience as a consecrated religious working in the vineyard of the Lord as a spiritual mother to God’s people.

If you would like to host a similar event in support of the Maronite Servants, please contact them via phone or email.