Happy Feast of the Glorious Birth

(Hoosoyo – Morning Prayer (Safro) taken from the Divine Praises on the Feast of the Glorious Birth of Our Lord)
The Sisters are remembering you in prayer at the manger.

Son of God,
Word and image of the Father,
His only begotten and well-beloved Son,
you are the infant that neither mind can encompass,
nor the spirit comprehend, wisdom fathom, science know,
nor knowledge reveal.
No description can portray you, O Lord,
no name name you, no language explain you, no lips pronounce you.

You are higher than the heavens, firmer than the earth and deeper than the abyss.
Your light is more splendid than the light,
Your sun is more brilliant than the sun,
and your day more magnificent than the day.
You are the message and messenger,
the good news and the one who brought it,
the prophecy and he who prophesied.
Jacob described you as a lion cub;
Job called you Savior and Isaiah said of you:
“a child is born to us, a son is given to us, upon his shoulders dominion rests.
They call Him: Wonder-Counsellor, mighty God, eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”
Jeremiah compared you to a ray of light,
Micah to the light, and Daniel to a precious jewel.
You were enveloped by clouds of light, descended into a cave where no light entered, and were wrapped in swaddling clothes.
You whom the throne of the cherubim is not able to contain.
Today with the angels, we surround your crib and sing:
“Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth and good will to men”.
With the Magi we offer you presents and with the shepherds give you gifts.
Lord God, Son of the Father and first born of the Virgin,
we ask you to receive our prayers.
Grant us by your birth the joy and gladness of your vision,
make us children of justice and spiritual holiness adorned with divine virtues.
Freed from the womb of the earth on the day of the resurrection, we will be new born infants, children and heirs.
Then we will enter your kingdom and give you glory and praise,