Cana Sunday – Entrance into Great Lent

 In the Maronite Church this Sunday, February 7, we celebrate the Wedding of Cana and the entrance into the next Liturgical Season, Great Lent.

Why is the Wedding of Cana chosen as the Gospel in the Maronite Church for the beginning of Great Lent? What is its significance?

The theme of the Wedding of Cana is transformation. The Evangelist John records that at this event, Jesus performs his first public “sign”, or miracle by changing water into wine, thus making known the beginning of his “hour” of glorification (cf John 2:11). Our Church uses this sign of transformation to begin a series of Lenten Sunday celebrations that highlight other transformations, both physical and spiritual. This series culminates in the greatest miracle story: the Resurrection, the sign of the new Earth and the New Heaven, the New Creation. This focus on change should lead us to make the changes necessary in our own spiritual lives. We move from an earthly wedding story to considering our life at the eternal Wedding Banquet.

(The above is a summary from “Captivated By Your Teachings: A Resource Book for Adult Maronite Catholics” written by Rev. Anthony J. Salim, pp. 136 – 137, 182).

Just a reminder that for Maronites, Ash Monday, is a day of fasting and abstinence. The Maronite Servants join you in prayer and fasting during this time of Great Lent. As they say in Arabic, “Sowm Mubarak”.