Confirmation Retreat – New Bedford, MA

The Maronite Servants of Christ the Light facilitated a Confirmation Retreat on December 7, for 22 teens from the combined parishes of Holy Name, St. Lawrence, and St. Francis of Assisi at the invitation of the Pastor, Fr. Michael Racine.

The retreat consisted of prayer, reflections, group discussions, and games, centered around the theme of God’s “Everlasting Love” from Jeremiah 31:3.  The confirmands were asked to ponder life’s questions, such as “Who are you?”, “Why are you here?”, “What is the purpose of your life?” and “What gives meaning to your life?”.  Sr. Therese Maria led a beautiful Eucharistic Adoration which included the praying of the Psalms, and Praise and Worship music. They also focused on the significance of the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation as part of living out their great dignity as beloved children of the Father.

The day concluded with the Vigil Liturgy, and the promise of our prayers for the teens who will be confirmed in 2021.