Catechetical Year Has Begun

Catechesis - New Bedford, MA
At the request of Fr. Jack Morison, pastor at Our Lady of Purgatory, we began a Maronite Faith Formation program on Saturday September 15 for children in grades Kindergarten to sixth.
These monthly classes will include Scripture, teachings on Maronite traditions, spirituality, doctrine and prayer, crafts, visuals such as videos, music and interactive technology to help our children to grow in their Maronite faith and love for Jesus. Our next session will be Saturday October 6 ,10:00AM to noon.
Tips for Parents  - Providence, RI
At the request of Father Ed Nedder, pastor of St. George Maronite parish in Providence, Rhode Island, we attended the opening day of the parish catechetical program. Sister Marla Marie addressed the parents offering five practical tips for supporting their child’s faith formation.
Below are the “Five T's”:
1.     Talk- talk to your children about God and to God.

2.     Tradition- teach your children the Maronite traditions. Learn them and read more about them as they are being taught to the children in the Faith of the Mountain series.

3.     Ten Commandments- Teach your children the commandments and live them at home.

4.     Take- take your children every Sunday to Divine Liturgy, to the Mysteries of Penance, to  formation classes where they can encounter Jesus and grow in their knowledge and love of Him.

5.     Thank- Thank God and teach your children to have an attitude of gratitude! Help them to see that everything they have is a gift from God.