Dominican Sisters Visit Us

On Saturday 25th February, our friends, the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation visited our Mother of the Light Convent for dinner and evening prayer (Ramsho). We were so happy to share our new home and hospitality with the Dominican sisters, who are our dear sisters and friends in Christ. We enjoyed an evening together in fellowship, laughter, prayer and good Lebanese food prepared by us. 
Last June, the Sisters welcomed us in to their community for what was supposed to be a two week stay which turned into seven months due to delays in renovations here. In this time we had the unique opportunity to get to know the Sisters and share in their beautiful life in community.
As part of the evening’s recreation with the Sisters, we gave them a tour of  the convent and showed them the before and after photos of our newly renovated home. They were all amazed with the transformation and so are we!
We thank God for his blessings, for the gift of friendship, for the gift of religious life and for his ever present providence.